About Us

The Hands to Harvest Team:

“Us”: We are a bunch of folks from two different neighborhood associations who are very active in our respective neighborhoods. Because we wanted to build a Community Garden, and because Gerry Reimer of Urban Village Development owned a vacant lot he couldn’t use, we got together and built this one.
“Us”: From Ford Birthsite Neighborhood Association:
Brian Henkel is our maintenance guy and the FBNA Vice President. He’s the one with a college degree in Engineering who made sure that everything we built was straight, perfectly aligned, properly supported and would withstand an earthquake.
Gail Gladstone is one of our Coordinators. She’s the one who comes in behind Brian and makes sure that everything is aesthetically pleasing. She’s also the one who remembers that not all of us carry keychain levels in our pockets and sometimes need things translated from Engineer-ese to English. She took all of the fantastic pictures in the Gallery as well.
Kristi Lee is the FBNA President. She was the one who came up with the idea of using cinderblock as a building medium.
Leila Kelley is our MNA Representative. She is never at a loss when we need a creative solution.
Randy Roy is our Web Master. He is responsible for this website, our Garden’s security and is no slouch with a keychain level himself.
Michelle Roy is one of the Treasurers. She’s the Girl Friday of this group.
Amber Dunn and Andy Thompsen are the owners of the adjacent properties. They have worked tirelessly and generously to help us get the garden built and keep it watered.
“Us”: from Leavenworth Neighborhood Association:
Kathleen Vinton is the other Coordinator. She’s the one who is always busy with two or three garden projects at a time, but somehow manages to help the rest of us whenever we need it without missing a beat.
Carol Haas is a Co-Treasurer and our Donation Collector. We would have had to wait months for our garden to take shape if not for Carol.
Bill Kline is another of our maintenance guys. He’s the one who shows up and effortlessly turns a bunch of people wandering aimlessly around into a high-performance work crew.
Dee Leonard is our ray of sunshine. When she shows up, she’s so excited and thrilled about the garden that it brightens up the even most exhausted worker.
Leah Vinton is our translator.

Together, we comprise the Board of Directors for the Hands to Harvest Community Garden.



The Hands to Harvest Community Garden would like to thank our supporters for helping to make this garden possible.