HH Magazine Subscription


Hi! Welcome to Pillar Magazine’s online subscription service.

This is where you’ll sign up to receive a physical copy of our quarterly magazine. We will hand deliver or mail each copy to you.

Our goal here is threefold:

1. To bring our community together in our small way, by providing content that’s by, and for, our own people, that we hope you’ll find inspiring, entertaining, and informative. In our busy lifestyle, we are often unable to keep up on what’s going on in our own order, and there are too many people who have such amazing things to tell us, buy we never have the opportunity to sit down and learn from them, or hear their testimony.

2. We hope by this small means, to tastefully and tactfully document some of our own culture, and history, that might otherwise fall by the wayside in all but our feeble and deteriorating memories.

3. We hope to provide our order with a small but consistent trickle of fundraising, either for the primary order fund, or to be put toward a sort of volume, anthology, or other published work for the publishing stewardship, or as seen fit. To cover our costs of compilation, design, printing, and dispersal, as well as create a small surplus, we’re asking for a $7 subscription fee, that can be paid either manually, or to be automatically billed to your card every 3 months. Thank you for your interest!